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Zoning and General Plans

For the most part a General Plan sets the land use vision while the zoning defines its development standards such as parking, density, access, setbacks and product design.

All real estate sites have zoning and general plan classifications. These development rules are established by the city or county in which they are located. This classification determines what and how you can develop the property. It also has a huge impact on its real estate value.

WCI has experience in working with city staff, civil engineers and architects to determine the best possible land use or its "highest and best" use. Often a site requires some work or pre-development to yield the highest price, WCI does this type of work and can consult with a land owner to get a higher price.

Planning and Zoning Consulting Services:

Planning, zoning and development services for the Tractor Supply Co. development project
Assisted the Land Owner and city with the 3rd Street Annexation
Consulting work for the land owner on the El Toro (RCFC) drainage system to establish a fair taking price for a drainage easement that impacted its development
Consulted with land owner, City of Lake Elsinore and Cal Trans on a re-design of Collier Avenue